Julie McCarthy is a Makaton Regional Tutor and works as part of a UK network of tutors which supports around 30,000 parents, carers and professionals every year.

Makaton uses signs, symbols and speech to aid communication. Signs are used, with speech, in spoken word order. Using signs can help people who have no speech or whose speech is unclear. Symbols can also be used to support communication in many different ways. Using symbols can help people with limited speech and those who cannot, or prefer not to sign.

Who uses Makaton?

Makaton is the UK's leading language programme and is used by...

Adults and children with learning or communication difficulties and everyone who shares their lives e.g. Parents and other family members, friends, carers, education and health professionals.

People seeking to develop their language and literacy skills.

Mainstream schools supporting integration and inclusion.

People looking after babies and young children .

Makaton takes away the frustration that people with learning disabilities or communication difficulties often experience in struggling to make themselves understood or to understand others. It enables people to connect with others and the world around them . This opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Makaton is often learnt in a workshop environment where a group of individuals can make progress together, share their experience and then continue to develop their skills outside the classroom environment.

One-to-one tuition is also available for people who prefer to learn in a less ‘busy’ environment.

Courses are usually 12 hours and can be run over 2 days or split into 4 sessions over 4 half days. ( We can adapt to suit your needs)

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to find out about cost and current courses on offer.