Communication Training

Through her work as a Tutor/ Trainer and breadth of experience working with individuals with severe and profound learning disabilities and Autism, Julie has  gained a wealth of communication skills and techniques which can be used across the board.

Signs for Life offer

Positive Communication taining, covering topics such as

  • Encouraging communication where there may be barriers.
  • Identifying language which reflects anti discriminatory practice.
  • Understanding how to behave in an anti discriminatory way and why this is important.
  • Promoting communication through touch.


Makaton Sign Language Programme courses. All levels from Beginners to Local Tutor Level.

Beginners course (£125.00 per person) 

This two day course provides a practical introduction to the Makaton sign language programme. You will learn the signs and symbols for stages 1-4 and Additional of the Core Vocabulary ( most commonly used words) and discuss commonly asked questions, and be given hints and tips for effective signing.

Follow On Workshop (£150.00)

This two day course concentrates on learning signs and symbols from stages 5-8 of the Makaton Core Vocabulary and  improving and developing signing skills in everyday use of the Makaton Programme. 

Please email for details and venues.


Safeguarding through Makaton . (£175.00)

This specialised and very much needed course is designed to support professionals and carers of children and adults with severe communication and learning disabilities who have already completed the Beginners or Foundation Makaton course. The course explains not only the signs and symbols a Makaton user may need to know in relation to these issues, but also how the Makaton approach to safeguarding fits in to existing safeguarding practices.

This unique course provides signs and symbols for a range of vocabulary covering a number of topics including.

  • People, family, relationships and people around us.
  • Body parts and clothes.
  • Places
  • Feelings, thoughts and behaviours (including bullying and abuse)
  • Sexual behaviour



Person Centred Thinking Skills  Course. £150) (Helen Sanderson approved) 

This two day course aims to equip participants with the skills and tools to be able to offer personalised support in health, education and social care services. these skills can be used with people you support, patients or children and also with colleagues,teams and organisations. They help us deliver personalised support by guiding us through the discovery of what is important to a person, how best to support them,the way they communicate and make decisions and how to move to outcomes and action.

Each person centred thinking tool provides the basis for actions and further information about what is important to people and how they want to be supported.



Dementia and Learning Disability Awareness training. (£80.00)

 This one day course will

 Provide participants with an insight in to the experience of dementia

 Provide a basic understanding of dementia as a range of different conditions

 Discuss and raise awareness of how dementia may affect a person with a learning disability, their behaviour and ability to communicate.

 It will provide practical information, tips and guidance on how to support a person throughout their dementia.

It will equip participants with a paper based toolkit that they can take away, share with colleagues and start using straight away.




For more information please do give Julie a call on 07789 919 968  to discuss how she might be able to help ‘reach’ someone with difficulties or contact us here.



Some comments from courses...

"Excellent course and very knowledgeable trainer, I will take this back to my work place". CM, Ulverston. 

"Absolutely loved this training. Julie is an excellent teacher and VERY patient." MJ. Carlisle.

"The most useful training I have ever had!" KM. Kendal. 

"Fabulous Course, very informative and relaxed, would love to do further Makaton courses" SR. Liverpool.

"Really enjoyed the course, all very relevant and cant wait to put it in to practice" AD. Blackburn.