About Julie McCarthy

Julie McCarthy

About Julie 

Julie is an independent trainer, qualified teacher and Makaton Regional Tutor and has worked with people with learning and communication disabilities in various settings and in many different roles for over 30 years. ( Nurse, support worker, supervisor, teacher, staff trainer)  She has worked with people with profound and complex needs and those with mild/moderate learning and communication disabilities and also those wishing to acquire new communication  techniques ( including carers, parents, staff and individuals) 

At the heart of her work is the belief in a person-centred approach, tailoring training to meet the need of the person involved and ultimately raising self esteem, confidence and therefore life chances. 

After 15 years of teaching and supporting adults with learning disabilities in college environment, community settings and day services, Julie was keen to share her knowledge and experiences and so became a Learning and Development Coordinator and began  to train staff working with people with learning and communication disabilities.

As part of this role she expanded her own knowledge of other communication systems including British Sign Language  and  the Makaton Sign Language programme, eventually becoming a Makaton Regional Tutor, so that she would be better able to meet the communication needs of the individuals and organisations she works with.

Working with individuals with specific communication difficulties or behaviours is the focus of Julies work and provides incredible rewards to the individual involved, their support network and also to herself  as she watches them develop and flourish.

Julie is often called upon to support people who challenge and have specific communication differences, she offers  patience, empathy, experience and knowledge of different communication methods and techniques that enable her to connect with people who are often described as 'hard to reach'

Julie firmly believe that EVERYONE is able to  communicate, either through words, sounds  or behaviour and that it is our duty to listen and respond, after all, communication is the key to happiness! 

In her spare time Julie runs a weekly Makaton choir and volunteers with other deaf/blind charities. 



 Riversigners Makaton Choir performing at the NHS England Expo2015